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【TO: SME & SMI Company Owner / Director / Manager / Partner】
★★ Buy SDN. BHD. company - The main purpose is to obtain business loan from RM 1 Million to RM 50 Million.
TO: 马来西亚 中小型企业公司 老板 / 董事 / 经理 / 合伙人】
★★您的公司想融资从 RM 1 Million → RM 50 Million 吗?

【购买马来西亚 现成有限公司 (SDN. BHD.) – 其主要目的用于获取商业融资 (Business Loan) 】

■■公司100% 必须拥有营业地点(Eg: 工厂,店面,办公室,仓库,等等)


While Bank Say "NO",  We Make It "YES"!! SME Business Loan:
* (SDN BHD), RM 500K → RM 50 Million
* (Trading / Enterprise) ,RM 100K → RM 1 Million

SME Loan Malaysia, we same as the Banker, but Banker just represents their bank, they only can help you to apply the loan from their own bank, and we do not belong to any bank.

SME Loan Malaysia directly using through our network, based on your documents, qualification, nature of business, and other information, find out that which Commercial Bank having higher approval rate chances (Maybank, RHB, Ambank, Standard Chartered & etc) OR Government Fund (SME Bank, MIDF, CGC, SME Corp & etc). 95% approval rate helped the company successfully get the business loan.

SME Loan Malaysia helped the company successfully get the Commercial Bank Business Loan from RM 100K to RM 50 Million.
(Totally clean loan, without any property charged and FD collateral)

★ Restructuring Financing Documents
★ Creating Loan Qualification
★ Exclusive Way For Approval

We provide One Stop Information, Assessment, Evaluation, Solutions, and Submission of all financing products offered by Financial Institutions or Government Agency in Malaysia.

● CGC / SME Loan / SMI Loan
● Food Industry Financing
● Overdraft
● Government Aided Loan Schemes & Grants
● Trade Financing - BA, LC, TR, BG
● Property Loan
● Contract of Project Financing
● Property Refinancing
● Equipment & Machinery

Our customer came from all types of industry and having difference background. We will categories its into two type of category, Typical case (TC) and Critical case (CC).

★★ Typical case : The customer having its own proper documentation, whereby they need us to touch up the accounts, prepare cash flow, Management Account ,write-up the proposal and channel the application to the applicable and suitable bank or our banker.

★★ Critical case : The cases whereby unacceptable by the bank / fail scoring / Rejected due to not have activity reflect from their Company Current Account, Company less than 1 year, having Blacklisted / CCRIS / CTOS / SME Credit Bureau bad record, Commitment too high, Industry risk, and others.

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* (SDN BHD), RM 500K → RM 50 Million
* (Trading / Enterprise), RM 100K → RM 1 Million

SME Loan Malaysia,我们类似像Banker,但是Banker只是代表一家银行,只能够帮您向本身专属的银行申请贷款,而我们不属于任何一家银行。

SME Loan Malaysia 是直接透过我们在银行的人脉,根据您的资料,资格,生意的类型(Nature of business),等等的因素,找出批准率较高的商业银行(Maybank,RHB,Ambank,Standard Chartered & etc)或政府金融机构(SME Bank,MIDF,CGC,SME Corp & etc),95%的成功率申请到您所需要的贷款。

★ 重组贷款融资申请文件
★ 重新创造贷款资格
★ 专属的管道获取批准

● CGC / SME / SMI 中小型企业贷款
● 食品工业融资
● 透支便利 (OD)
● 政府机构资助
● 交易线融资 (BA, LC, TR, BG)
● 产业贷款
● 项目融资
● 产业重新融资
● 机械设备筹集资金

以 下 是 我 们 专 业 提 供 的 服 务 领 域 :

★★ 普通案例:客户拥有自己的一般的文件,需要我们妥善准备好所有贷款文件,准备好现金流报告,管理账目,编写计划书,填写完整银行的申请表格和选择适合有关行业的银行。

★★ 特殊案例: 不被银行所接受的案例,例如: 无法达到银行基本得分标准而被拒绝的贷款, 因为由于提供的文件无法反映该公司目前的商业活动,公司成立少过一年,CCRIS/ CTOS / 中小企业信贷局的不良记录,贷款负担太高,从事的行业风险太高,所得税 (Income Tax) 呈报不足, 银行来往户口 (Bank Statement) 交易量不活跃,公司现金流动太过紧绷,贷款计划书内容不详细,以及其它的因素。

*** 请小心骗子,KL, Johor, Melaka & Negeri Sembilan 可以面谈。其他地点可以先透过电话商量。

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