Government Fund

Government Grant & Bank Negara Malaysia Special Scheme

To support the development of SMEs, the Government provides a comprehensive set of programmes through the various of Government Ministries and Agencies, which are broadly categorized into "Financial Assistance" and "Business Support Services".

Financial Assistance

Type of Financial Assistance:
Soft loans
Equity Financing
Venture Capital
Guarantee Scheme
Tax Incentives
Funds and schemes under Financial Assistance category:

  • Initiative Financing Scheme
  • Rural Economy Financing Scheme
  • Bumiputera Entrepreneur Project Fund
  • Fund For Food
  • Fund For Small And Medium Industries 2
  • New Entrepreneurs Fund 2
  • Rehabilitation Fund For Small Businesses
  • High Technology Fund
  • New Shipping Fund
  • Tourism Infrastructure Fund
  • Agriculture Entrepreneurs Scheme for Graduates
  • Financing Scheme For Agricultural Mechanisation And Automation
  • Financing Scheme For Bumiputera Trade & Industry Community
  • Micro Credit Schemes for Entrepreneurs
  • Special Fund For Tourism
  • Rural Economy Financing Scheme
  • Brand Promotion Grant (BPG)
  • Market Development Grant (MDG)
  • Commercialisation Of R&D Fund (Phase 1 to Phase 4) - Market Survey and Research
  • Technology Acquisition Fund
  • Grant for Enhancing Marketing Skills of SMEs
  • Grant for RossettaNet
  • Matching Grant for Business Start-ups
  • Matching Grant for Certification and Quality Management System