Business Loan

SME LOAN MALAYSIA, we are a Business Loan Application Solution provider providing credit facility approval solution services.  
We are committed to serve the financial needs of our various customers across every major industry. 

  • Are your loan application was rejected black list:
    C-Tos problem, C-Cris problem, default, restructure, reschedule.
  • Applicant does not have ability to repay the facilities applied for.
  • Purpose of borrowing not in line with facilities applied for.
  • Unsatisfactory financial results of the applicant.
  • Applicant has other substantial borrowings resulting in high commitment.
  • Unsatisfactory conduct of current account by the applicant.
  • Unsatisfactory repayment records with other lenders.
  • Applicant has cases which are pending legal action.
  • High business/industry risk.
  • Lack of financial commitments from business owners.
  • Weak management of the applicant.
  • Sole proprietor/partners/directors/shareholders/guarantors facing bankruptcy actions from other parties.
  • Inadequate collateral to compensate for higher risk to be taken.
  • Existing facility not utilized for intended purpose.

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